Sofabed Zero.

Generous relax sofa with foldable armrests and smooth look. ZERO offers comfortable sitting, relaxing and sleeping due to a high-quality spring-core upholstery in the upper and lower seat. In this way the complete seat cushion has a box spring suspension in the sitting position. (Design V. Laprell, V. Classen)

150 x 200cm
Diverse choices of fabrics, microfiber or imitation leather.
The frame structure is made of beech wood and wood materials. Under the armrests: Beech wood legs, either stained or painted. There is a front cover which is stained or painted in the colour of the legs.
High-quality polyether with a cover of nonwoven fabric to protect the underside of the cover fabric. The upper and lower seat offer polyether with included pocket spring core.
To reach the relaxing or sleeping position, extend the mechanism which is under the sofa and fold the upper seat forward. The armrests can be multiply adjusted and fixed.